Composting: Recycling nature to preserve nature

Composting is easy and natural process that takes remains of plants and your kitchen and garden waste and turns it to nutrient rich food which help your plants grow and shine. Apart from that it also enriches your garden soil which fuels plants growth.

Commonly used for Organic farming, Compost is organic materials that has been collected together and decomposed. The mixture derived from it there after is used primarily as a fertilizer for crops and for land correction.

Its free and helps you to recycle your kitchen waste and proves to be safe for the environment as it reduces the large amount of garbage that is sent to landfills which pollutes the air.

Compost is nutritionally very good for plants and is thereby used in agriculture. It is used as a fertilizer for the crops. It is also used in gardening and landscaping. Compost can also be used as a land correction agent and for several other purposes like land fills, controlling soil erosion, as a pesticide for the soil etc.

In order to create compost, a collection of several organic materials like leaves, green food, fruits, animal waste etc is made. This collection is then wetted and left to decay till it disseminates into humus over a period of time. However the technique of composting has been developed over the years.

Recent techniques include commands a process with keen observations and constant monitoring. The compost is treated with air, carbon materials, nitrogen materials, water etc. The compost is constantly over turned in order to give it complete exposure to air.

The organic material is turned to bits and pieces, wetted and then left for the worms and fungi to be broken up further. A very special type of bacterial called the Aerobic bacteria also plays a major role. It helps make chemical  changes to the compost by turning the contents into heat and carbon dioxide. Ammonia is also derived from the above process however it is further disseminated into nitrates and nitrites.



Composting Terminology

Here are some simple composting terms:

• Composting: Controlled decomposition of organic materials
• Compost: Partially decomposed organic matter
• Humus: Completely decomposed organic matter
• Mulch: Organic or inorganic spread on soil surface
• Browns or the Carbon component in the composting process: Leaves, sawdust, wood chips
• Greens or the Nitrogen component in the composting process: Manure, food waste, spent flowers, nitrogen fertilizers, grass clippings

The Ideal Mixture of Brown to Green when composting is a ratio of 30:1 (30 Brown : 1 Green)